New Math Teaching Methodologies for English Language E-Learners Students

Tim Chen, Diana Auidi, Rim Gouioa, Bertrand Chapron, C.Y.J. Chen, Hoe Wee


Lecture notes provide a gauge for what is important in the textbook. However, taking notes for ELEL (English Language E-Learners) students is not an easy task as ELEL students are unable to communicate fluently or learn effectively in English. In this research, we endeavor to break down the impacts of enlarging Arithmetic Addresses with pre-composed presents on the note taking of ELEL understudies and therefore on the scholarly execution of ELEL understudies. The exploration was directed over a time of four sequential semesters on a Rookie Science subject at the KAU and a blended subjective and quantitative methodology was utilized. The presentation of the new training strategies pondered decidedly the understudies’ execution in resulting tests and dependent on the directed overview, most of the understudies demonstrated the positive effect of being uncovered from the get-go in the address to composed notes without anyone else note taking.

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